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Posted on 15th February 2017

common ground

Created by JC Marshall and Scott Twynholm, the common ground podcast is a mini series of 8 episodes. Each episode has been made in conjunction with different rural and urban communities – hailing from Ulva Ferry to Barmulloch to Dundee to others in between – and tells the stories of meaningful transformations to their local landscape.

Unearthing stories about how we live now, and how we might live in the future

This month, we have the culmination of our common ground project with live events across the country.

These events – a combination of installation, discussion and performance – see the work we have created with participants over the last several months travel around the country to open up a dialogue about land and housing in Scotland. The work has been created with a real diversity of participants in close collaboration with the artistic team, resulting in a beautiful blend of photographs, creative writing, sculptures and sound pieces as a result of our common ground podcast.

From working with primary school children in Mull to older adults who have experienced homelessness in Aberdeen, to young adults with learning disabilities in Dundee to asylum seekers in Glasgow, and many more across the 4 regions, common ground has sought out diverse and marginalised voices and folded them into the ongoing nationwide conversation on housing and land use. The common ground events not only showcase their creative work but are a representation of their ideas and experiences.

common ground will be presented at

Dundee Rep Theatre on Wed 15th Feb, 2-4pm

Platform on Sat 18th Feb, 2-4pm

Aros Hall on Mon 20th Feb, 3-5pm

Woodend Barn on Wed 22nd Feb, 2-4pm


Fantastic Podcast from Tayberry Enterprise – Inform Theatre

Lorna Strachan & Tayberry Enterprise Staff would like to thank all Inform Theatre

(who are all Volunteers) for this fantastic piece of work.  Well Done!

Podcast to be uploaded 15.02.2017