Ancient Form of Dance

Posted on 14th February 2017

Bellydancing is an ancient form of dance, which is believed to have originated in Egypt. Nowadays there are a range of styles including traditional Egyptian, modern Tribal styles and a variety of fusions which show the enormous creativity and versatility within the dance and the dancers.

There are no barriers in age, size or shape to Bellydancing and body positivity and confidence is a very important part of Bellydance, encouraging dancers to value and respect their bodies exactly as they are, and express themselves creatively through dance. You do not need to have any previous dance experience to take part in this dance form, and dancers will tell you how much it can improve  their sense of well-being.
I perform regularly around Scotland and have recently started making costume accessories such as headdresses.

If you are interested in giving Bellydance a try, please contact for more information

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