Christmas Card Design

Posted on 24th November 2016


We would like to thank Jason for hand drawing & designing our 2016 Christmas Card


Posted on 18th November 2016

             Invitation to our AGM – all welcome





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Employers # Autism

Posted on 8th November 2016

Employers are letting down people with  autism


Posted on 8th November 2016


Podcast Background

Posted on 3rd November 2016

Story behind why Inform Theatre were invited to get involved

Last year, A Moment’s Peace (AMP) took part in the Gulbenkian Foundation ‘Sharing the Stage’ programme  This was a research and development grant which enabled AMP to develop the Common Ground programme. AMP had residencies in 4 regions (Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeenshire, and Mull). During that time, Catrin Evans (AMP’s Artistic Director) was working with The Dundee Community Company on creating a new show called ‘The Land Beneath Our Feet’. Dundee Rep were a partner during the Common Ground research and development phase. After this R&D period and performance. We wanted to continue working with Dundee Rep on Common Ground and it was Suzi Morris who had suggested that we work with Inform Theatre. Suzi had mentioned that many of the group might be interested in the project (which explores the themes & issues of land use, ownership and housing in Scotland) due to their own housing situations.


Podcast – Why was Dundee choosen to be included in the wider project

Posted on 3rd November 2016

Although the Common Ground project is open to those across all of Scotland , we rooted ourselves across 4 regions in both urban and rural locations. We wanted to work in Dundee to continue our partnership with Dundee Rep, but also as a city undergoing lots of redevelopment we thought it would be an exciting & interesting time to work with different groups in the area.