Please choose one of the methods below so that you can help Tayberry Enterprise to continue to develop and grow its services. Your donations will help to support the work at Tayberry Enterprise, and in turn, make a real difference to the lives of those most disadvantaged in the world of work. Pay by post or phone and remember Tayberry Enterprise Limited is registered with BT Donate which provides a free, secure way for individuals to make donations. This also includes the ability to collect Gift Aid automatically so that the contribution from any UK tax payer is boosted by an additional 20%.


Single Donation

Your donation will help support individuals who are severely disadvantaged access training, support and experiential learning opportunities. These essential skills will help lay the foundations for their progress into further training or employment.


Regular Donation

The invaluable commitment that you make will allow us to further develop new opportunities and support a wider network of people.

If you can assist the work of Tayberry by making a donation, whether large or small, then please click on the BT Donate button at the bottom of our webpages.


Other Ways to Donate

Pay by post or phone and don’t forget to select the ‘gift aid’ option if applicable.


Fund Raising

It presently costs £65 000 a year to run Tayberry’s Services. We are fortunate to receive some grant funding from the providers listed below. Our long term aim is to develop and become financially sustainable. Our traded income supports this as does your donations and fundraising events. There are regular fundraising event updates on our events page. So please look and support us or alternatively plan an event for us.


Health Barriers

‘I came to Tayberry in November 2014 as a volunteer, after a long period of ill health. Since then I have moved on and become a part-time member of staff with the company. Coming to working here is the best thing I ever did, the rest of the staff and volunteers are so helpful, supportive and dedicated to the ethos of Tayberry, it is easy to feel at home and comfortable with them.

In just a few months I have embarked on new training opportunities, which have helped to build my confidence, by adding to the skillsets I already had. From a personal point of view, I feel my future is looking so much better than it did this time last year.

Thank you Tayberry, I wish you nothing but the best, may you grow and prosper as you strive to help others.’

– Lorna Weir