Drumdee Community based drumming group

Posted on 25th January 2018

Drumdee is Tayberry’s community based drumming group for adults with enduring mental health conditions.

The group meets weekly in Douglas Community Centre where they learn and practise drumming techniques, learn about different drums (both African and Brazilian) and learn about the origin and the rhythm of a variety of, mainly, African songs.  All the songs the group plays are frequently revisited and practised and have been played at a number of performances and workshops to a variety of local audiences.

Most of the group members have little or no experience of this form of drumming prior to joining.

In addition to learning a new skill Drumdee provides the members with: a purposeful activity giving additional structure to the week, an opportunity to work as part of a team, a growing sense of confidence and self-worth/esteem as new skills are learnt etc…


Drumdee is facilitated by Chris Morris – instrumental instructor.