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This event is on 7th June 2017 12:30 pm

Drumdee is an African based drumming group who perform original and traditional rhythms from around the world. These energetic and uplifting rhythms are played by performers who have worked together to produce authentic African sounds which inspire creativity and deliver unique and brilliant performances.

Community Champion at Asda for the Green Token Scheme

This event is on 3rd October 2017 11:00 pm

Kirton Store, Dundee

Tayberry Café is delighted to announce that as from 1st October until 31st December our nomination has been accepted by, the Community Champion at Asda for the Green Token Scheme. Customers will find the fundraising towers in store and one of them will have Tayberry Enterprise’s name on it. Simply take the green token you receive at customer checkout and choose Tayberry as the charity you would like to support and pop your token into the slot. It couldn’t be easier!

Tayberry Café is actively fundraising to purchase a delivery van which will enable us to increase the number of training placements we can offer people with barriers to employment. This fundraiser will go directly to supporting this purchase, so we can really get our delivery services going with a bang!


Tayberry Volunteers Onesie Walk

This event is on 7th December 2017

Congratulations to some of our volunteers who braved the Dundee weather for their sponsored  walk over the Tay Road Bridge.




This event is on 8th December 2017


It was last Friday 17th Nov at 3pm that a rather hesitant caller phone the Tayberry office to enquire if Tayberry would make Dundee Social Enterprise (DSEN) 2 Birthday cakes for their 10th Birthday Celebrations to share at Dundee’s Light Event on the 24th Dec and their next Networking Meeting on the 5thDec.
It became clear that this poor caller, who is, Raymond Chand, DSEN’s Events & Marketing Officer and a bit of a social media oracle was operating outwith his comfort zone.  I mischievously asked him did he know what was involved in making a celebration cake and had this task been delegated to him. The answers were illuminating! No, he had no idea what was involved and yes, his CEO, Julie Farr, has delegated it, to him. Feeling his pain, I quickly went into Mission Possible mode!

Well Raymond, I launched into…… the cake itself is not the difficult or expensive bit. For a cake like this, you will need cake boards and boxes to transport. Given we do not normally do Celebration Cakes and I knew Moira our cook was likely to feel that the piping and decorating maybe a bit of a challenge, I asked Raymond what do you want the cake to look like. “Oh…. Just something with our logo on it” To the non-cake decorators reading this, it not that simple. So, I suggested in the first instance we make a cake in the shape of a 10 and if we could put DESN’s logo on the zero, as it is circular. “Sound good, “said a relieved Raymond. I have just to get this past Moira thinks me!

Next part of the mission was to phone Moira who had incidentally finished work by this time. You know the phone call, silence at the end of the phone, whether it thinking or what you have me into this time Funai! It was actually a bit of both. Moira quickly got into proactive mode and told me that we could order up the cake topper of DSEN’s Logo online, which we did. It was a quick spin on the way home into The Cake Guru in Brought Ferry to again tentatively ask if they had rectangular cake board to put a Number 10 on. Phew, they did and could also supply the cake boxes.

The finished cake is in the picture. I am not sure if that is what you call Partnership working, Co-production or simply helping out a desperate customer! Anyway, Happy Birthday DSEN, it has been 10 wonderful years and you have been a good friend and support to Tayberry.

Gillian Funai

Tayberry Enterprise Wine Tasting

This event is on 8th December 2017 12:30 pm

Thank – you  to Patrick (Atkins Wines)  and all friends and family that attended Tayberry Enterprise Ltd fund raising event.

What a fantastic night had by all ………………..